Massage Therapy

Ayurveda is a  4000 years old practice from India that has the sole purpose of bringing the body and mind into a state of health.  It is a complimentary practice for every yoga practitioner to have knowledge of.  Diet, lifestyle, and herbs are used to create balance within the elements of the body.  Massage, meditation, and yoga may also be recommended as well. 


Ayurevedic session rate:    $75

Massage therapy can be a powerful healing tool both physically and emotionally.  Most illnesses with the onset of symptoms are due to psychological distress.   My sessions combine a fusion of swedish, deep tissue, cranio sacral therapy, lomi lomi, acupressure, body harmony, and  zen shiatsu.  You will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated after a session.

Massage rates: 

​One Hour:                   $85

One Hour & Half:          $130

Two Hours:                $150


Out call rates:  To come to your home:


1 Hour:  $100

1 Hour and Half: $135

Two Hours:$155


I also offer a sliding scale if neccessary.  Please contact me and we can discuss. 

Awareness Practice

A process of learning to observe our inner awareness or consciousness to discover the nature of our ego versus the nature of pure awareness.  We are conditioned by many influences: culture, family, environment.  We can allow our conditioning to determine our actions, or we can learn to listen to our inner voice of self and make conscious choices from there.  This is the path of enlightenment.......


This can be done during a healing session or private yoga.