Yoga at:  Evolve Sacred Healing

               in Cypress Park

Private  Yoga

Feel free to treat yourself to a private session or gather your friends together for a juicy session!!!


Pricing:   Private sessions:    $75 for 1 hour

                                          $100 for 1 1/2 Hours


Contact Avalon:  818 287 9312

Yoga is truly for everyone.  You may begin practicing at any age. Yoga can be designed for any health challenge.  It is powerful in healing emotional challenges and trauma.  No matter where you start it will cause more flexibility, strength, better health, and it will expand you spiritually in ways you can only discover if you come to your mat and practice!!!​


2626 N. Figueuroa St. Unit B

Los Angeles (Highland Park) 90031



   Saturday at   11am yoga class

  Class is $15......class packages available